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A funny thing happened on the way to the shutter factory...

By serendipity I became involved with chair restoration, reclamation and sales. In my previous life I owned and operated a shutter factory; "Paul's Custom Shutters" I sold my factory 12 years after starting it from my Fountain Valley garage.  At the time of sale I had a factory, finishing shop, showroom, 60 employees and a 1st class headache.  So I took five years off then started Citizen Cane Shutters out of my garage in Huntington Beach. I came up with a new type of cane shutter where I stretched various styles of rattan sheet cane instead of louvers across the panels. "Very Pretty!" said many but you can't pay the bills with complements. However from those marketing en-devours I started receiving frequent and hopeful phone calls from folks who had been searching years for someone who could restore their cane chairs. Well, mamma didn't raise no fool, so I bought a book, taught my self how to cane and I've been doing it ever since. Then caning lead to rush weaving, followed by wicker and rattan repair which also lead to upholstery work and general furniture repairs and refinishing. 

This all happened about the time the economy crashed. In the beginning it was tough to make a living wage caning chairs, especially since I was so slow. I aspired to minimum wage. Back then my friends would ask me "What are you doing these days?" I would reply..."Well...the world's gone to hell in a hand basket and the good Lord's got me weaving the hand baskets" Of course they would laugh with me then go back online to search for a job. So now 7 years later I've restored many unique and cherished chairs for many unique and cherished clients. I love the stories that come with their family heirlooms. I feel like I'm working in my own personal museum with an ever changing inventory. I am very very grateful for the wonderful trade I have through Citizen Cane Chair Restoration.

Though Citizen Cane Chair Restoration started out with just me doing all the work, once word got out that there was a capable chair restorer available, my company quickly grew beyond the amount of work I could handle myself.  So I have assembled a team of artisans who possess the skills necessary to meet all the needs of our clientele. Such as my daughter and son-in-law pictured below facing each other.  Jessica is an art major and she helps me out with blending the custom finish coats that go on the newly woven cane chairs, and her husband Sane, an architectural major who helps with all sorts of structural repairs in addition to caning.  My wife Neyra on the far right helps with hand weaving. In addition to immediate family, to keep up with the ever growing demand for our services we have a team of several local artisans skilled in caning, rushing, wicker and rattan restoration in addition to expert upholstery work plus refinishing and repair.   I'm very particular about the level of precision craftsmanship that goes into each restoration project and personally supervise and inspect every job we take on. So far our business plan seems to be working very well as evidenced by our many positive customer reviews.

Google ***** Virginia ‎- Apr 12, 2012 "Citizen Cane has restored both cane and rush seating for me on three different types of antique chairs. All the work has been excellent. He is a master at what he does, an artist"

I started Citizen Cane Chair Restoration out of my residence just as I had started Paul's Custom Shutters. And just as it became necessary to move my growing shutter company into a commercial setting, we are rapidly nearing that transition time for Citizen Cane Chair Restoration.  So for now, we still work from our residential based shop, but we are looking for a commercial space suitable to accomodate our growing business. The pictures directly below are photos taken in and around our residence as we strive to accomodate more and more restoration projects.

Update: March, 2016

Well it's been about two years since we moved into our commercial facility at 14392 Hoover St, #C19, Westminster, CA 92683

Here's a little progress youtube video tour of our facility today...


Well now you know a little bit about Citizen Cane Chair Restoration.

Thanks for your interest!