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Citizen Cane Chair Restoration

Saving Trees & Memories One Chair @ A Time!

We LOVE restoring furniture and our reviews testify to that truth


Google ***** Virginia ‎- Apr 12, 2012 "Citizen Cane has restored both cane and rush seating for me on three different types of antique chairs. All the work has been excellent. He is a master at what he does, an artist"

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Google ***** Marty Muir ~ 6/22/15  The cane seat on my wife's 30 year old bentwood rocker was broken by some over exuberant kids. I could not find a chair caner in Arizona were we live but did find Citizen Cane on the internet and decided to give them a shot at fixing it so we boxed up the seat which was easily removed from the rocker and sent it parcel post per Paul's instructions.  Paul did an outstanding job on the repair. The chair is now back to new and my wife is very happy. The work was done a few weeks early and at a fair price. It was a very easy process and I would recommend Citizen Cane without reservations

Angies List ***** Christopher King ~ 5/25/15  I had 6 aging dining room chairs with intricately woven backings of cane. The cane was ripping and all-over weakened through time. Angie's List Snap Fix staff quickly found a provider memorably named "Citizen Cane." By the looks of his website, it appeared he was a master craftsman in the repair of fine furniture. Citizen Cane (A gentleman named Paul Thibodeau) responded with a reasonable bid and mutually agreeable completion timeframe, including pick up and delivery from our home (approximately 20 miles from his workshop). Mr. Thibodeau was friendly, knowledgeable, and good to deal with. He returned the chairs in approximately three weeks and his restoration was flawless. Better than the original. I expect to use his services in the future to refinish several pieces of oak furniture. I'm thankful skilled craftsman like Citizen Cane were available to me and pleased Angie's List found him.

Yelp ***** Scott M ~ 4/24/15  Paul did a great job on my chair also honored his time line we're very pleased we recommend this place to all

Yelp ***** Gwen G ~ 3/31/15  I bought a rocking chair at a yard sale. I fell in love with it even though it was in poor condition. We took it to PAUL and found out it was over one hundred years old and made in Wakefield, Mass. Paul restored the chair to it's nearly original look by replacing the seat with cane and repairing the rest of the unraveling or missing cane. He also stained the wood beautifully. We are extremely pleased with the work and feel we now have a real gem. Thank you Citizen Cane!

Angie's List ***** Jean Willey ~ 1/07/2015  Citizen Cane replaced six worn out imitation cane chair backs with authentic cane. Time was of the essence and the job was completed ahead of schedule just before my holiday guest arrived.  I would certainly use their services again and highly recommend them for any furniture restoration needs.

Angies List ***** Bradlee Snow ~ 12/20/14  Paul was very prompt in his response to my inquiry about restoring a child's rattan rocking horse. I was a little surprised at the price quoted but I hadn't checked around much. The weaving was unraveling a bit and the whole thing fairly dried out. Paul even commented that it didn't look like it would take to much repair.  There are few people that do this well and I joined Angie's List specifically to find someone. The reviews were good so I didn't hesitate.  The work was done in the time frame promised and we were very please with the results. The little guy looked like new! Our granddaughter is very happy.  This is an heirloom piece given to my son by my mother and now I have passed it along to my son's daughter knowing it will last another generation.  I would not hesitate to recommend Paul and Citizen Cane Chair Restoration. He is a craftsman and well worth the price.

Yelp ***** Amanda K ~ 12/8/2014 Paul did an amazing job weaving the seat of our old, neglected, rattan rocking chair. He is an encyclopedia of information and is a true master craftsman.

Facebook ***** John T. Brunner ~ 10/01/2014  The little combination rocker and high chair had been in my family since the early 1900s when it was purchased for my brother Paul. When my mom passed away I decided I wanted to get it fixed to give to my nephew and his wife who were expecting a baby. The chair was in really bad shape; having been covered with multiple layers of paint and stain and with the table completely missing. I tried to do the work myself, but found it was more than I knew how to do. Sure I looked at internet reviews about several different chair restoration companies but, truthfully, I first tried Paul because of the name of his company "Citizen Cane", and I'm glad I did. Our little piece of family history now can show off its original wood and once again has a working table. It is now serving a new generation of our family; my grandniece. If you have a chair in need of repair or full restoration I'd recommend stopping by Paul at Citizen Cane first.

Yelp ***** Rich T ~ 8/26/2014  Paul at Citizen Cane did an amazing job refinishing and re-caning two old Eastlake chairs that came from my Great Aunt's attic in the 80's.  Who knows how many decades they were there, the cane seat having worn out.  His attention to detail is incredible.  My chairs look fantastic!  I would highly recommend him!

Angie's List ***** Judith S ~ 8/04/2014  I had the rushing redone on an antique arm chair, rocker and bench. Additionally, I had a crack in a mahogany dining room chair fixed and re-stained. Finally, I can use my antique chairs again! The rushing has been restored and they look beautiful. Mr. Thibodeau, the owner, spent the time to help me choose the right color for the rushing, explained the process, and even sent progress pictures for each of the chairs. I was also pleased to find out that he could repair a crack I had in one of my mahogany dining room chairs. It too came out perfect. This is definitely the place to go if you want quality workmanship

Yelp *****  Barbara i ~ 7/21/2014  We just picked up our 100+ year old chair that Paul recaned. He replaced the cane seat and stained it to match the original cane back. You can't tell any difference at all.  Paul does amazing work and his is a delight to work with!

Yelp ***** Patricia G ~ 5/1/2014  Paul did an excellent job repairing and restoring a beloved family heirloom - an antique Beech wood rush rocking chair. His work is meticulous, his manner professional and his service prompt and reliable. He's one of those rare people that really cares about his profession and his clients. You can trust your most precious furniture in Paul's capable hands.

Facebook "Thumbs Up!" Gigi Israel ~ 4/27/2014  Paul (AKA Citizen Cane) is the best! He went out of his way to accommodate me and did a fantastic job on my family heirlooms. We dropped them off while visiting family in California and he carefully packaged and shipped them back to us in Las Vegas when the job was done.

Facebook "Thumbs Up!" Matthew Schwartz ~ 4/12/2014  Just picked up 3 more of my Larkin Soap chairs which Paul re-caned. This makes all 8 which he has restored over time. So now, all are strong and ready for another ? years. He even recreated the original vintage color of the cane by mixing a special blended finish coat.  Thank you Paul, AWESOME job! If you have work which needs to be done. Have Paul do it!

Facebook "Thumbs Up!" Karen Kerwitz ~ 4/2/2014 If you are hesitating on where to take your treasures for restoration, hesitate no more, you have found the place. I brought in a found treasure that needed restoration. It was a beautiful wing back chair that had great style but aged and unusable. What I got back was a work of art. Re built using original framework pieces and some new materials. I am in love every time I sit in this chair. I also brought my antique oak chairs to restore the caned seat bottoms. So nice to have them back in everyday use. Thank you Citizen Cane!

Angie's List ***** Christine S ~ 1/29/2014  Paul, the owner of Citizen Cane, repaired and reupholstered my 6 mahogany dining room chairs that are over 60 years old.  He also took the time to oil my chairs and explain how to take care of the wood.  I was very busy with work at the time I brought my chairs to him.  He was going to an upholstery fabric store later that day and offered to get upholstery samples and bring them to my home to view!  He did all of this as a rush job just before Thanksgiving.   These chairs needed serious repair as they all wobbled and creaked when someone sat in them.  I was afraid that one would break someday soon.   In fact, the arm of one chair did crack and on another the wood crossbar between the legs was broken in half.  My mahogany dining room set was originally my mother's and I wanted to make sure that whoever worked on them would be conscientious, competent and trustworthy.  Paul had all of these qualities.I don't know how Paul did it, but when I went to his workshop to pick up my chairs I carefully scrutinized each chair and sat in each one.  I turned each chair over and could not see how he strengthened the chairs as there was no evidence of repair.  I could no longer see the cracks in the wood.  Also, the seat cushions were thicker with a much better foam than my old ones and each cushion was finished off so professionally that one could use each independent of the chairs!  Each chair looked brand new and that's saying something for 60 year old chairs.  The work was perfect!!!  What was amazing was that none of the chairs creaked or wobbled anymore.  All in all, I would highly recommend Citizen Cane, Paul, for any repair or reupholstery work especially if you value your chairs and want someone to care for them as you do.  He is a craftsman and enjoys his work.  He completed the work earlier than expected and his fee was very reasonable for the level of quality work he produces

Yelp ***** Michael C ~ 1/23/2014 I asked Citizen Cane Chair Restoration for priority handling to meet Holiday requirements and was very pleased with the result: quality and speed of service were both excellent.

Google ***** Roxanne White ~ 1/18/2014 Paul was a complete pleasure! I took him a variety of family heirlooms I was nervous to have anyone touch. He not only restored them beautifully, one arm chair he also upholstered like a pro. His workmanship was immaculate. He breathed new life into furniture I had stored in a garage for years. Thanks to him I sit in my *Grandfather's chair now everyday! It is pure joy. I am so grateful I found someone so talented and capable

Yelp ***** Beth Z  ~ 12/12/2013  I had a sentimental piece of wicker furniture (baby doll stroller) and Paul was so kind and helpful with his care and suggestion of how to bring it back to life.  My experience with Paul, Citizen Cane Chair Repair, was excellent.  In fact, I have another sentimental piece that I intend to bring to him soon.  Paul @ Citizen Cane was superb.  The piece was finished on time and for the exact amount of money he quoted.  You are in good hands with Paul!

Google ***** Bob Allen ~ 11/1/13  Paul at Citizen Cane Chair Restoration did an excellent job of restoring the cane seat on my 1890s Larkin Soap Company Chair (before I brought it in I had no idea what the chair's origin was!) . He is truly an encyclopedia of antique cane, wicker and rattan chairs. His customer service and quality of work were outstanding. He even finished the job ahead of schedule! I sincerely recommend this company for your restoration needs.

Yelp ***** Janis W ~ 10/7/2013We had a 42 year old dining room set that needed new caning in the back and refinishing.  Paul came and picked it up and while our kitchen was being remodeled he finished it all and delivered it when promised.  It is better than it was originally.  If you want quality and attention to detail, Paul is the man to see!

Yelp ***** Results are Better than Expected! ~ 9/9/2013 Citizen Cane Restoration (Paul) just delivered my 'new' furniture and it looks fantastic.  For @30 years I have had a mid-century style dining room table, 6 chairs, 2 piece china cabinet and buffet.  Both of the dining chairs with arms had extensive damage (broken leg and back), the table top was blistered from heat and water damage.  If you looked at either of the chairs or the table today you would never know that any of those damages had existed; they look perfect.  The wood is beautiful, all surfaces are smooth (as they should be) and there are NO visible imperfections. Paul also refinished the tops on a cherry wood nesting table set that has been in my family for over 50 years; it too looks exceptional! I highly recommend Paul and his restorative talents.  The work is not cheap, but you absolutely get what you pay for ... great results.  The finished quality and workmanship is superb plus Paul is a pleasure to work with. I liked my furniture before, now I love it and can't wait to show it off to friends and family!  Whether you need a chair fixed, or like me have a dining room set that needs a  facelift, call Paul.

Google ***** Laurie O'Brian March 12, 2013  I have been looking for a reputable and experienced person to repair the cane on my grandmothers Stickley dining room chairs. I had been researching and looking for a long time. The furniture was given to me by my grandmother when my husband and I bought our first house. The set now holds not only memories of my childhood but also my childrens'. I contacted Paul and he asked me to send him pictures. Then, he came over and gave me his professional advice on how to go about repairing and preserving our family heirloom. I decided to have him go ahead with the work and am so pleased that I did. One of the things that I loved was that Paul kept me updated with pictures so I could see the progress of his work. He researched the colors of the original stains used by Stickley on their pieces created in the 1890's-1900's. His website is extremely informative and professionally done. When I decided to have Paul do the work, he carefully carried, wrapped and placed the chairs in his truck so that there was no damage. They turned out so beautifully that when he returned them I gave him the table to work on. When he brought the table back home I literally teared up his work was so beautiful. Needless to say I would recommend Citizen Cane for any and all restoration work. He is professional and personable and easy to work with. He does exactly what he says he is going to do. A side note; my daughter had a purse that had 2 broken wooden handles. She LOVED the purse and no one seemed to know what to do or how to fix it. I sent Paul a picture and he had me bring the purse over. He made new wooden handles and my daughter is thrilled!!! Thanks Paul!

Yelp ***** Melissa J ~ 12/28/2012   The cane seating portion of the rocking chair that my mom used when I was a baby gave out. I was hoping to use it with my baby and was devastated & didn't think it could be replaced, until I found Citizen Cane Chair Repair!  I emailed for a quote and received a prompt reply from Paul explaining the whole process.  My husband took the chair in, and in a short time later our chair was perfect again

Google ***** Defining Elements - May 18th, 2012  I am an interior designer with a beloved old pole cane chair I had found at a flea market some years ago. The once lovely chair with a painted finish had aged quite sadly with pealing paint and a completely disintegrated front leg. After searching, I found Paul of Citizen Cane and now once again have a magnificent chair. I design very high-end custom interiors and my clients expect fine workmanship and detail. The work and integrity of Citizen Cane Chair Restoration is unsurpassed.

Google ***** Marc ‎ - Apr 12, 2012 "Great workmanship, while they may get busy work was delivered timely. I've had two cane seats in chairs purchased in 1975 repaired and they matched the backs perfectly returning them to full use for another 40+ years. I also found Paul through an internet search and am glad to do so since the chairs were purchased at about $90 apiece and now sell for $600"

Google ***** Bob - Apr 7, 2012 "Wow! I have had my papasan chair for 42 years and it had been moved many times and has spent several years in and out of the garage and was in really bad shape. When Paul called and said it was ready to be picked up I was blown away when I saw it!It looks like new and is now in my living room just like it was almost a half century ago. I never expected it to look so incredible"

Google ***** Lee - Mar 25, 2012 After 25 years of daily use, the cane seat of one of my Breuer-style chairs recently broke. I searched the internet and luckily found Paul Thibodeau of Citizen Cane Chair Restoration in Huntington Beach, CA. I emailed a picture of the broken seat to him and asked if he could fix it. Within a few hours, he replied that yes, he could fix it, and he told me all about the chair. "You have a copy of the original cantilevered chairs designed by Marcel Breuer," his message began. "You can buy a new one by an authorized original manufacturer for about 1200 or another knock off for about 450." Obviously, Paul knew what he was talking about. So I packed up the seat and sent it to him. A few weeks later, the recaned seat arrived on my doorstep, good as new. I couldn't ask for better service or a better repair job

Yelp ***** Tamara P ~ 2/23/2012 Paul is superb, exacting and informative, a great businessman and business to deal with. I am an interior designer so lets say that I am very detailed oriented. My clients are delighted with the outcome too and the service Paul rendered Thanks Citizen Cane! Tamara @ Van Nuck DesignLong Beach

Yahoo ***** Happy Customer 01/18/2012 Citizen Cane Chair Restoration is a true professional.  I contacted them after searching endlessly for a wicker chair repair, and the owner Paul was more then helpful in getting my chair fixed.  I was repairing the chair for my mom who hasn't seen it since she was a young girl.  I dropped it off right before Christmas not knowing if it would be done in time to surprise her for the holiday.  Paul surprised even me, contacting me before Christmas telling me he finished the chair early after hearing my idea of surprising mom.  It's the little things that matter, and it shows he pays attention to detail.  The chair was perfect and mom was caught off guard when she laid her eyes on it.  It could not have worked out better!

Yelp ***** Frank R ~ 1/16/2012 My Co-Worker bought this Roll-Top desk and the seller threw in this cane seated office chair. He was going to just put a piece of board in it's place, but I insisted we have it re-caned. Not really knowing where to turn, I found Citizen Cane online and called and Paul who immediately put my concerns to rest and took in the chair and restored it to better than new and he even got new casters for the chair at next to nothing. This man is a master and a really cool guy to deal with. You'll love his work, I did

Yelp ***** Row B ~ 1/14/2012 What a relief to have found Paul after searching for over a year. We had great communication through e-mail and cell phone to arrange pickup and delivery of the refurbished chairs. We even learned that our paths had crossed several years prior, which was a positive experience then, and segued into a delightful experience now

Yelp ***** Craig V ~ 1/10/2012 Vintage rocking chair cane seat and back - after talking to Paul I just had this gut feeling he was the man to do the job. I wanted it prior to Christmas and he delivered on time with excellent craftsmanship. Caning is a craft that takes many man hours and his price is very competitive. Paul exceeded my expectations professionally and the quality of work. Two thumbs up!

Yelp ***** Wallace J. ~ 1/9/2012 ~ Redondo Beach, CA  I called Paul to ask if he could re-cane my 8 dining room table chairs that were custom made in Taipei 60 years ago. He felt that it would be very possible. He came to my home and picked up all 8 and away he went. Sure enough in approximately 8 weeks , just as promised, he called to set up a delivery day and time. When we got them back they looked exactly like they did when brand new 60 years ago. Paul did a masterful job in repairing them to original condition. Wallace Jones, Redondo Beach

Yelp ***** Greer B ~ 1/9/2012 ~ Temecula, CA  Paul repaired my great-grandmother's vintage rocker and it looks just wonderful. he was so nice and the turnaround time on getting it back to us was perfect. i would recommend him to anyone who needs to have vintage or modern furniture restored

Yelp ***** Olivia M ~ 1/7/2012 ~ Menifee, CA Citizen Cane is truly a wonderful craftsman!! I contacted Paul to recane a late 1800's Granny Rocker that belonged to my dads parents. The chair was done in the time frame he promised and is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! The work is very well done and Paul is a pleasure to do business with. Will recommend to anyone looking to have this type of work done!! I love my chair and look forward to rocking grandchildren in it!! Thank you Paul!!

Yelp ***** Susan C ~ 1/6/2012 ~ Santa Monica, CA  Nobody does it better than Citizen Cane! My house burned down and I lost just about everything except for a vintage Old Hickory chair. I brought the chair to Citizen Cane wrapped in plastic. Most of the caning was destroyed but the pattern could be detected. Citizen Cane knew right away how to weave it back to its glory. It looks just like it used to: vintage and beautiful. Citizen Cane (aka Paul) is a true craftsman and I feel blessed to have found him

Yelp ***** Robert L ~ 1/6/2012 ~ Skyforest, CA What a delight! Paul repaired our bent wood rocker restoring it back to it's original condition. This rocker was given to my wife when our son was born, and now his wife is using with our new grandchild. We believe this will become a family heirloom that will give us many more years of rocking pleasure. Paul's price was fair and truly a great value. I wouldn't trust anyone else with this type of work, and hope Paul will be available for many years to come. I wouldn't hesitate to use Citizen Cane again.Thank you Paul for being such a great craftsmen

Yelp ***** Dana E ~ 12/27/2011 ~ Anaheim, CA Paul is an expert at all types of cane repair, and he has the equipment and supplies to get the job done right. We have several Baker dining room chairs over 50 years old that needed their cane seats redone. Last work was done by a shop in San Diego - and we were looking for someone local. Gave one chair to Paul as a trial - work was done better than anyone else had before - the chair matches perfectly, even to the custom stain he applied. And it was done for a fair price and was ready for us much sooner than promised. Two more chairs are going to him shortly - a pleasure to work with an enthusiastic, friendly and skilled craftsman such as Paul. Highly recommended, no matter how complicated your caning needs are. Check out the website for a lot of great information

Yelp ***** Jill S ~ 12/11/2011 ~ Costa Mesa, CA We found Citizen Cane online and were very pleased. Paul re-caned two small side chairs and did an excellent job. They were ready on time and on budget. Paul is an expert in restoring and caning chairs, and we appreciate his skill. We definitely recommend Citizen Cane

Yelp ***** Bob P ~ 11/11/2011 ~ Pacific Palisades, CA Paul at Citizen Cane re-caned my set of six dining room chairs for me. I just got them back today, and they look great! He also fixed a few loose joints on arms & chair backs, and touched up some faded areas, with no extra charge. His price, exactly what he quoted me, was quite fair, he got them done in the time frame he promised, and as I said they look great. I enthusiastically recommend him

Yelp ***** Rob M ~ 4/8/2011 Los Alamitos, CA Been meaning to write a review of Citizen Cane for weeks now. I can't tell you how difficult it was to find someone, anyone, capable of fixing our woven chairs, but it was amazingly hard. It took nearly a year from the time our dogs destroyed one of our chairs until I found a place capable of doing the repair. Citizen Cane did a great job and got my chair back good as new in the time frame he promised. Would definitely use them again  

Google ***** Linda ‎- Dec 16, 2010 I have had my four oak dining chairs for 35 years, and their seats have bee re-caned several times. This time, when I searched for someone to repair them again, I found Paul. What drew me to his work was not just the photos of his workmanship but the fact that he would drive all the way to Irvine to pick up and deliver my chairs. Not only did he cane the seats, but he also glued a loose rung and oiled the wood. Thank you, Paul! I hope that many others find you

Google ***** OC guy ‎- Dec 8, 2010 Paul repaired 5 of our 6 cane-back dinning chairs.  After many years of service, it was time.  We were concerned the finished product would not match the one chair that did not need work.  No need to worry.  The chairs look like a full set and the workmanship is excellant.  They were delivered when promised.  Great craftsmanship, great service.  We are very pleased and highly recommend Citizen Cane

Google ***** John Caldwell ‎- Dec 6, 2010 I contacted Citizen Cane initially because of their website and location. After a conversation with Paul, the owner, I felt that he could handle our job - which was repairing the seats of our 6 oak Early American chairs. We have had the chairs for over 15 years and the seats needed replacing. I have been involved with furniture design for many years, and I cautioned Paul that I was very interested in the details being correct. To my surprise, Paul out-detailed me. He was well ahead of me on concerns of weave pattern, attachment method, material, colour, and final finish. I found Paul to be very business-like and detailed about the price and delivery. Everything was finished professionally and on a timely basis. Some highlights I appreciated: he emailed me photographs of the work in progress along with a number of phone calls. He even delivered the final product to fit our schedule. The final test was that the job turned out beautifully, and it kept all aspects of the original chairs. I recommend Citizen Cane highly

Yahoo ***** MARCELLO 12/06/2010 The owner Paul has been friendly, understanding and professional from the first time he answered the phone to the last delivery he made. I had over 50 chairs re-weaved. His work was well done, consistent with he had said and what I was looking for. A pleasure to work with

Yahoo ***** JANE 12/04/2010 I recently had an antique rocking chair seat re-caned by this company after finding its website on the internet. It is always a little nerve-wracking to send off something to be repaired by someone you have never met, but I found Paul, the owner, to be very knowledgeable and professional and he always answered my emails promptly and completely, He did a fantastic job, and I I could not be more pleased with the result

Yahoo ***** Johnsantana66  12/04/2010  This is a good company to deal with. The work was performed in a timely manner with great results. I would highly recommend them they are very professional